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Coin details

LUXCoin information

Name: LUXCoin
Ticker: LUX
Algorithm: RX2
Max Coin Supply: 60 million
POW Block Time: 2 Min
POS Block Time: 2 Min
Block Size: 4MB
Difficulty Retarget: Every block
Mined Coins Mature: 100 blocks
Tx Confirmation: 10 blocks
Min Transaction Fee: 0.0001
Default Port: 26969
RPC Port: 9888
Masternode: 16120 LUX
POW Reward: 8 LUX. 5 to miner, 2 to MN, 1 to Dev Fee
POS Static Reward: 1.5 LUX. 0.8749 to Wallet, 0.375 to MN, .25 to Dev Fee
Minimum Stake Age: 36h

LUXCoin features (current)

Sam Encrypted messaging
Smart Contracts
Block Pruning

Updated 18 days ago

Coin details

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