How to optimize for staking (QT)

Staking optimization guide

Welcome to the staking optimization guide, in this guide we will explain all the steps necessary to optimize your coins for staking using the QT wallet. Keep in mind, this is not the magic bullet (the wallet will optimize staking automatically), but a guide to get it done quick and easy. This guide optimizes the inputs used for staking through the utxo feature.



When performed correctly, this should pose no risk to your virtual coins. Luxcore will not be responsible for any incorrectly performed actions or steps that may result in any losses of any kind. Please refer Luxcore Terms & Conditions here

Enable coin control


Go to Settings -> Options -> Wallet and check "Enable coin control features"


Go to Luxcore -> Preferences -> Wallet "Enable coin control features"

Selecting inputs

Go to the “Send” tab and select “Inputs”

Select all the coins here that you want to optimize and press ok.

Use UTXO to split the coins in chunks

In this example we will split 731.57 LUX into groups of approximately 100 coins. You want to be as close to 100 LUX chunks as possible, so we will split into 7 blocks of approximately 104.

Make absolutely sure your destination address is correct, if you use labels it should automatically fill that field. After this press “send”, and confirm the fee. Your wallet will now do an internal transaction.

Verify inputs

Wait for 1 confirmation on the transaction, then click on “Inputs” again, it should look similar to this.

Known issues

  • signing transaction failed

Using the UTXO feature sometimes results in a "signing transaction failed error". Current workaround is to fully unlock the wallet before utilizing the UTXO feature.

  • after fee value is slightly too high

Sometimes the after fee value is slightly too high, leading to insufficient funds errors. This can be prevented by fully unlocking the wallet first, or lowing after fee amount very slightly.