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We’re excited to announce the rollout of our new Luxcore Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Mobile Wallet for Android/iOS a follow up to our already first-of-a-kind PoS web wallet for storing your LUX. At Luxcore, we’ve been striving to bridge the gap between everyday users and highly technical concepts which otherwise would have been just a mere buzzword for most.

Instead of watching from the outside, Luxcore users can jump right in and start having a direct hand in the Luxcore ecosystem’s distributed consensus and function. Settlement and execution of Luxcore storage and transactions are now literally at your fingertips, enabling you can send and receive LUX on the go, all the while remaining confident that your funds and information are protected.

You can download the LUX Coin PoS mobile wallet for both Android and iOS here.

Android Download Link:

iOS Download Link:

Mobile wallet information page:

Core features

  • User control of private keys,
  • Ability to import/export private keys, and
  • Two factor authentication (2FA).

One of the most impressive and revolutionary security features of the LUX PoS mobile wallet is the ability of LUX users to remain in complete control of their private keys. Luxcore users can import and export their private keys directly with the mobile wallet, instead of ever having to send funds from wallet-to-wallet. This ultimately cuts down and saves on network fees.

Additionally, when LUX holders are finished using a mobile wallet address, they’re able to export and delete their private key from the server. All you need to do is select the address you want to export or export and delete, enter your respective authenticator code (if ultimately enabled), and voilà, your private key is now deleted from the server along with all corresponding addresses.

Email verification is also available when exporting private keys, resulting in increased security and surveillance of funds.

That’s not all. The new LUX PoS mobile wallet also boasts two-factor authentication (2FA), so users can implement an extra security barrier for accessing funds. When utilizing 2FA, we generally recommend opting for Google Authenticator or Authy and other time-based code applications, rather than SMS, as there have been several high-profile breaches of SIM swapping in the past few years.

Do note that SMS 2FA is not supported for the Luxcore PoS mobile wallet.

Heightened User Control When Transacting

-Fingerprint/Face/Email verification,
-Coin control via address selection,
-Advanced sending option, and
-Email verification & notifications.

Luxcore users can rest assured they’re in complete control of their LUX funds when sending and receiving LUX Coins. All crypto wallet users should be able to control their transactional footprint, meaning some users might want to avoid giving other LUX holders a direct look into their total balance and transaction history.

Luxcore mobile wallet users may turn on email, face, and fingerprint verification for all transactions, enabling LUX users to verify all outbound transactions before they are finalized. Users will also receive real-time log-in alerts in case a malicious third-party has accessed their account and is attempting to send funds.

Luxcore’s ‘Advanced’ sending option merely requires LUX senders to input the intended recipient address, along with the amount of LUX to be sent. Fees are automatically calculated, authorizing a quick and painless transaction. LUX senders may also utilize the ‘Coin Control Option’ to select which addresses they’d like to send their LUX Coins from. Most notably, users are able to select the precise address within one’s wallet to send LUX Coins from, and distribute the amount sent across several addresses.

Finally, when sending funds, the LUX mobile wallet will always strive to send the minimum amount of coins needed for the transaction, so that a user loses the minimum amount of staking coins and does not have to wait for them to re-mature for 36 hours before staking again.