Web Wallet - Migrate to QT

Web Wallet - Migrate to QT

Welcome to the LUX Web Wallet - Migrate to QT user guide. This guide describes how to migrate from the Web Wallet to the QT wallet.



When performed correctly, this should pose no risk to your virtual coins. Luxcore will not be responsible for any incorrectly performed actions or steps that may result in any losses of any kind. Please refer Luxcore Terms & Conditions here

Setup the QT wallet

If you have previously had the QT wallet installed, you should follow the reset guide here. For a fresh install download the QT wallet from GitHub here and place the executable somewhere convenient.

  • Start the wallet and have it sync up, this will take a while (few hours). Meanwhile you can continue the guide.


Encrypt wallet

At this point we recommend that you encrypt your wallet. Go to settings -> encrypt wallet and set a passphrase.

Login to the Web Wallet

Login to the web wallet.

  • Go to the Addresses tab and note all the addresses that you want to migrate. Please make sure that you note all the addresses with coins, but also the addresses you use for exchanges or you get payments on.

  • After making the list, go to the Import/Export tab and export the private keys for all the addresses on the list. At this point we do not Export & Delete yet, because we first want to confirm the QT wallet has all your coins and addresses.

  • You should now have a list of private keys.



The private key gives access to your coins without any password or other failsafe. You NEED to keep this 100% secure. For example, put them on a paper/usbstick and put them in a safe (possibly together with a guide for next of kin incase of an emergency) if you want to store them longterm.

QT: Import private key(s)

  • Unlock wallet
  • Mak sure you do a full unlock
  • Now open tools -> debug console
  • Import the private keys

The wallet will now rescan all the blockchain files for transactions, this may take a while. Repeat this process for all your private keys. They will now show up under file -> receiving address and the transactions and balance should be updated after a restart of the wallet (if the wallet is in sync). Wait for the wallet to sync up before proceeding.

Backup & Verify & Delete

  • Please make a backup of your wallet.dat with the instruction here and confirm your private keys are securely saved.

  • Now doublecheck if all your funds and addresses (under file -> receiving addresses) are available in the QT wallet before proceeding.



Deleting your private keys from the Web Wallet cannot be reversed ! Please make sure you have all your funds in your QT wallet and have a proper backup !

  • Go to the Import/Export tab and export&delete all the private keys on the list. After you have deleted all addresses with a balance (this can take up to 1 hour), your Web Wallet account will automatically be closed in 30 days and you will not incur any fee.